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Bromsgrove Garden designs and fabricates quality lead garden ornaments to transform environments. Our designs are inspired by traditional English patterns, and are influenced by past and present innovators.

Embraced by professional landscape designers, our lead creations have been incorporated into many of North America’s most elegant gardens.

Our History

Experience & Expertise

Bromsgrove has an extensive history of lead-making. We have over 40 years experience working with lead for applications in the plating, nuclear, medical and automotive industries. We started applying our extensive lead working capabilities to the production of garden ornaments in 2001.

Since then Bromsgrove has worked with many of North America’s distinguished landscape architects to design, build and supply garden ornaments. These have been incorporated into landscapes of discerning residential and corporate clients across the US and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bromsgrove located?

Bromsgrove is located in southern Ontario near Niagara Falls.

How are your lead ornaments fabricated?

Experienced craftsmen create each lead ornament with care and attention to detail. We combine traditional methods with modern technology.  Our casting technologies include the age-old process of sand casting and chill casting, which involves pouring the molten metal into permanent molds.

Once a design is finalized, the process starts with a pattern, usually of wood, which is precisely the size and shape of the piece which we are to make in lead. An impression of the pattern is made in sand and molten metal is poured into it. After the metal has solidified, the piece is removed from the sand, cleaned, trimmed, formed, and assembled with other panels into the final piece. Then it is finished, inspected and crated for shipping.

Do you take care of delivery and installation?

Yes. We have extensive experience with the transport and placement of lead pieces. Although lead is virtually indestructible it is soft and heavy. Moving and positioning it requires attention to these characteristics and a little planning. From building custom pallets and skids, to rigging and lifting heavy items, we ensure that the pieces are properly installed.

Do lead ornaments require special maintenance?

Lead ornaments require no care and can be safely left outside all year round, even in the harshest climates.  However, they should be drained of water if a risk of hard freezing is anticipated.

Do lead ornaments change colour?

Lead naturally develops an attractive patina when exposed to the elements. This patina gives it the much admired silvery grey color, and this layer seals the lead.

“Lead, if left to the kindly touch of wind and rain, will weather in silvery patches that accord better than anything else with green surroundings.” – Sir Edwin Lutyens, 1913

Are there any risks associated with lead ornaments?

The use of lead in garden ornamentation presents no threat to human health or to the environment. The patina layer seals the lead and prevents leaching into the soil.

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