Lead planters, water features, and ornaments of artisanal beauty


Lead Water Feature By Bromsgrove Garden

The Bromsgrove Garden Story

Inspired by traditional English patterns and influenced by past and present innovators, for more than a quarter-century Bromsgrove Garden has been the premier choice for garden ornaments, planters, urns, cisterns, and more. We also offer accessories, such as spouts, escutcheons, and masks. Be it a lead water feature or any other product we cast, our designs draw on tradition whilst incorporating modern sensibilities.  Embraced by professional landscape designers, our products  have been incorporated into many of North America’s most elegant gardens, and incorporated in the buildings of taste-making designers and exclusive, high-end retail environments.

Lead Water Feature Fabrication

As well as a catalogue of attractive garden pieces from which to choose, Bromsgrove also undertakes custom work, creating water features precisely to your requirements. We collaborate with, and sell to, primarily professional landscape and interior designers. We do not sell through retailers.

Tucked away in Southern Ontario, Bromsgrove Garden brings an old-world tradition to North America, from our English-inspired patterns, our time-honoured techniques, to the way we conduct business. Led by Richard Davies, we collaborate with our clients on every project to ensure each piece blends seamlessly into your design. Just one architectural element such as a lead water feature has the power to transform a space – and imbue it with a timeless beauty that lasts for generations.

Lead Water Feature By Bromsgrove Garden
Lead Water Feature By Bromsgrove Garden

Our Lead Ornament Factory

Our plant is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada near Niagara Falls. This location is well suited for shipping a lead water feature or any other product we produce to any destination in the United States or Canada. We provide full logistical delivery services to a contractor’s yard or to the project site. We provide support to contractors and installation crews to ensure that the project is executed in a timely manner and with the highest quality.

The Bromsgrove team has all the capabilities to carry an idea from design concept through casting in our foundry, to assembly, finishing and shipment. Collaboration does not end with the designers. We work closely with on-site crews to ensure that our pieces are properly installed, safely and with minimum disruption.