Planters and lead fountains

Planning an English garden with a lead fountain centrepiece is a statement to the ages. An architectural landscape project that features a lead fountain is something most owners want to incorporate when undertaking a complete English garden design project. Whatever the size or requirements, our team of experts is there to help you decide on the best lead fountain design as to the architectural specifications of your designer. Not only will we advise and collaborate skilfully, we can also help with spout placement, drainage concerns and, of course, every step needed in between the creative process all the way to delivery.

Discover our wide range or planters and lead fountains

Once you’ve browsed our planters selection, you may have additional questions as to size, weight, length, height or any other functional aspect of the said product. Please feel free to contact us to further discuss your needs and, of course, to understand the work that goes into producing a fine lead fountain. Our pricing is competitive, and although our products are very high-end, our price point is in line with the value and the long tradition of lead fountain production in Europe. Get in touch with us today!