Luxury Planters are What We Do

Looking for a luxury planter to highlight a certain area of your garden, or are you thinking on a bigger scale as to incorporate luxury planters throughout your exterior landscaping project? Whatever the case may be, Bromsgrove Garden is the ideal starting point to any luxury planters you may be searching for. Our foundry is steeped in history, respecting a tradition of English gardens lead ornament production, in fact, our name reflects that of the classic 18th century foundry of the era. This said, our experts are on hand to provide true luxury planters to even the most discerning of clientele.

Discover our selection of luxury planters

Whether you are simply looking to add to your exterior decor or have a master plan as to give your outdoor space a truly unique look by integrating luxury planters to the mix, we at Bromsgrove are here to provide all of the information needed to make an informed purchasing decision and, of course, to guide you as to size selection, height and proportions as to your specific landscaping design.

Need additional information on luxury planters we produce, please feel free to call us in order to discuss your specific needs.