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We Cast Real Lead Planters


Browse our many FAQs to discover: the difference between fake and real lead planters, plus many other questions regarding lead ornaments, planters, vases, urns and more…

Are lead garden ornaments heavy?2023-03-02T11:38:40-05:00

Lead garden ornaments weigh about the same as those made from cast stone, which have a much greater wall thickness.

What provisions are made for drainage and irrigation?2023-03-02T11:39:22-05:00

Typically, planters are shipped with drainage holes in the bottom. Where planters are located on a stone deck or patio, stains may result from the drained water. We offer “saucers” which are placed beneath them. Another option is a larger central drainage hole, which is piped to the substrate beneath the patio. Drip irrigation tubes can also be fed through these holes.

What is the difference between a cistern and a planter?2023-03-02T11:40:09-05:00
Planter boxes and cisterns are essentially the same except, that cisterns must be watertight. When a cistern is used as part of a fountain or as a catchment for rainwater, provisions must be made for piping fittings. We offer recirculating fountains complete with pumps, piping, and fountain spouts.
What are the biggest planters you make?2023-03-02T11:40:52-05:00

We prefer to keep the largest dimension of any planter at seven feet. We have made bigger pieces, but logistical issues arise during transportation and installation when they are made larger.  Long planter arrays of more than thirty feet can be achieved by fitting a number of pieces together. We work with designers and installation crews to ensure that such arrays appear uniform, with unobtrusive joints.

What maintenance is needed for lead garden ornaments?2023-03-02T11:41:27-05:00

There is no maintenance required for lead planters. They are unaffected by anything in the natural environment – even salt spray. However, as Gertrude Jekyll noted, small boys with pen knives could damage them. When they are located in environments where hard freezing can be anticipated, they should be drained of water during the winter.

How long do lead ornaments typically last?2023-03-02T11:41:59-05:00
Lead is an incredibly endurable material. Lead pipes installed by the Romans are still occasionally found. Your lead planters will last for generations, and will still be an attractive feature in a landscape in one hundred years when that newly planted oak tree is mature.
Does the appearance of lead ornaments change over time?2023-03-02T11:43:05-05:00

The colour of lead garden ornaments is silvery grey. This is the patina that develops naturally as lead reacts to elements in the atmosphere. Once the patina is established, the colour will not change. Historically some people have wanted a darker grey, and accomplished this by applying a thin film of mineral oil.

Will lead contaminate my plants?2023-03-02T11:43:31-05:00

No. The protective layer which naturally develops on lead prevents it from leaching into its environment. It is not available to plants growing in it.


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